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Our Favorite Things – Surfrider Foundation

With just a couple days left until the end of 2014, some of you may be thinking about non-profits or charities to donate to. I wanted to give a little shout-out to one of my favorite organizations – Surfrider Foundation. Founded in 1984 by a group of Malibu surfers, Surfrider’s mission is to protect and enjoy our oceans, waves and beaches. The foundation is currently working on close to 100 projects focused on beach access, water quality, coastal preservation and protection – as well as several ongoing programs to help spread awareness. Here are some of their current PSA prints, which you can request on their website.

I obviously love Surfrider because of their mission to protect the ocean, but I also love that only 4% of donations go towards administrative costs, with the majority of donations being used for programs that make a direct impact on the health of our coastline. You can join for as little as $25 and members can choose whether to be active in their local chapter or not. When you join, you receive a sweet little decal, a subscription to their monthly magazine, and a 20% discount from the most awesome online surf shop ever, Swell.

I wasn’t asked to write this and certainly won’t be profiting from it – I just really love the Surfrider Foundation and feel like it represents something that we can all agree is important, especially for those of us here in coastal California. If you have any questions about Surfrider, please feel free to ask in the comments below – or check out their website at www.surfrider.org.


Amber - Surfrider and Swell… Two of MY favorite things!

Kendra Cardoza - i want one of each, so cute!

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