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Meet My Town – Portland, Oregon

We’ve been having a lot of fun here at Daisy Tribe brainstorming new ideas for the blog. We’re introducing you to some talented women through our Creative Features, exploring new places and spaces throughout California, and have some upcoming collaborations with really cool brands that we want you to discover. Today I’m announcing a new series called Meet My Town. While we love all things California, we thought it would be fun to expand our horizons and introduce you to new cities all around the globe – with a local as your personal tour guide. From New York City to Sidney, Australia – our correspondents will tell us what they love about their cities – including where to eat, shop, and relax outdoors. They’ll also share their favorite day trips, and tell you which spots you must see when visiting their towns. We have an amazing lineup of cities to explore – and today we are starting with Portland, Oregon and our local contributor, Anastasia.

Describe your city in 3 words.

Green. Unique. Friendly.

Favorite Outdoor Places

Bike Rides Along the Williamette River – The Willamette River is the main river that goes through Portland. There is a paved path along both sides, that is great for family bike rides. This is a good way to tour the city and nature in a different way.

Nature Walks at Forest Park & Tyron Creek – Portland places 2nd with the most green spaces of any other US city. Hiking is easily accessible from most parts of Portland. Forest Park is a huge forest, with streams and trails. It’s in NW Portland just minutes from downtown. Tryon Creek in SW Portland is another great place for nature walks.

Beach Days at Sellwood Waterfront & George Rogers Park – In the summer I find us spending our days on beaches along the river. Sellwood Waterfront and George Rogers Park are two spots we like.

Favorite Indoor Space 

Powell’s Bookstore is the world’s largest new and used bookstore. Located in downtown between Burnside and Couch (pronounced kooch – I wasn’t sure if that was right at first, but wikipedia confirmed it). You’ll find something for everyone. My eight year old says: “It has more books than the library, and it’s lots of fun!”

Where To Eat

Portland’s popular food spots are Voodoo Doughnut, Salt and Straw (Ice Cream), and food carts. When eating out with three kids, it can be hard to make everyone happy. Tater tots flow plentifully in Portland. One of my favorites are the house made tots at Tilt.

Pips Donuts has some scrumptious little mini donut treats. Get them fresh so they’re warm crispity outside with a moist cake center. They can even fill the void with marmalade that’s tart and delish.

Slappy Cakes is a DIY pancake house that is fun for all ages. Large griddles on every table for fresh pancakes that everyone can make. A variety of pancake batters to make everyone happy. Chocolate, peanut butter, buttermilk even vegan/gluten free. Their Popular Chicken Fried Bacon and homemade Nutella are amazing.

Picnic House is a restaurant in the heart of downtown Portland. The Picnic House has great cocktails and refreshing savory foods. The service is awesome and you’re sure to find the perfect flavors for thirsts and munchies.

Portland City Grill has a nice happy hour and a restaurant /bar thats located on the 32nd floor of downtown Portland’s Pink Building. It a nice place for a drink and to check out the panoramic view of the city.

Jam on Hawthorne is a restaurant open for breakfast and lunch. This is a popular place, so there can be a long wait at times. Like many places in Portland they have play areas. Kids play while the parents enjoy their food. Which makes eating out enjoyable for the whole family. The oatmeal chai blueberry pancakes and corned beef hash are tasty items on the menu. They have a large selection of cocktails because its never too early for a morning cocktail in Portland.


You can take a 2 hour road trip in any direction from your town. Where are you going and why?

The Oregon coast has many beaches with interesting landmarks. Cannon Beach might look familiar because that is where the Goonies was filmed. Before traveling to the Oregon Coast, be sure to check the weather and wind speed to dress appropriately. Having the proper clothing can make or break your good time. Cannon Beach is just 1.5 hours from Portland.

Long Beach, Washington – not to be confused with Long Beach, CA –  is unique because you can drive on the sand along the water. They also host a Razor Clam Festival every spring, just 2.5 hours from Portland.

Mt.Hood has skiing or snowboarding from the end of December to early May. The picture below was taken in early May, with freshly fallen snow.

Someone visiting my town should definitely visit:

Saturday Market is a great way to see Portland and local artists’ work. This is an outdoor Art and Craft Market that’s open on Saturdays and Sundays, along the River in Downtown Portland. My family enjoys talking to local artists about their designs, and the techniques they used to make their goods. We enjoy the entertainment, good food and fresh air.  Just a few blocks away is the World’s Smallest Park!

I love my town because:

Nice People. Small-big town. Rivers and trees.


I hope you all enjoyed exploring a little of Portland – and a big thanks to Anastasia for kicking off our new series! If you would like to introduce us to your town, email info@daisytribe.com.


~ Carmen ~ - I love that there are so many outdoorsy things to do in Portland. It’s so gorgeous there.

:] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

Chic And Alluring Blog - Oh, what a cute post! Oregon is the only state in the West that I haven’t visited yet. Too bad I won’t be able to before I move to New Hampshire…which definitely isn’t Oregon. Lol. :-S

Kendra Cardoza - Now I have even more reasons to plan my next trip here! That pancake place is calling my name!

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