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Creative Feature – Kayla of Vibrant Souls

In this week’s Creative Feature, I am excited to introduce you to Kayla, an LA-based artist who designs and handcrafts a line of dreamy, bohemian style jewelry called Vibrant Souls. If you’re not inspired by her images – and it’s pretty much impossible not to be – you will definitely be inspired by her words. Kayla takes us into her magical dream world – where everything is light, sparkles, and dances – and shares how she turned her passion into a career while completing her undergraduate degree at UCLA. I hope you leave this post feeling a little more inspired to follow your heart, wherever it may lead you.

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.
Hi! I’m Kayla, a native San Franciscan finishing up a biology degree at UCLA. I am passionate about creating and working with my hands, so as a side creative hobby, I started a handcrafted jewelry line that is modern and bohemian inspired. My jewelry designs are usually inspired by a vision I explored in my idealistic dream world. The jewelry I handcraft is a reflection of my inner being – I tend to be a romantic daydreamer, translating to jewelry designs that incorporates druzy stones, crystals of all colors, czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and wire.

How did you get started with jewelry making and how has it evolved over time?
My love for handcrafting jewelry began when I was 14. After ballet and piano lessons, I would spend time at night making jewelry, playing with colorful Swarovski crystals bought locally from Yone’s in North Beach, San Francisco. Originally, I designed jewelry mainly as gifts for my aunts, grandmas and mom. One Sunday afternoon in college, I ventured to the Melrose Trading Post, a flea market in LA. I was deeply inspired by the hand crafters who turned their passions into a lifestyle. I left with an insatiable desire to join them in the handcraft movement, I wanted to design jewelry again to share with others.

What else keeps you busy?
Currently, being a student is my full-time job. But during my free time, I’ve started taking dance lessons again. I also enjoy hot yoga classes and writing musical compositions. Other than that, I also dedicate time going to the Los Angeles Mission Center every week to serve meals to the homeless community. It’s truly a humbling experience to volunteer, and I enjoy helping out when I can.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
I think I’m most proud of myself for getting an undergraduate degree at UCLA. I started out thinking I knew what I wanted to be, but as time went on, I became less certain. I switched from majoring in molecular genetics, to physiology, to economics, to biology. As uncertain as this journey was, I am proud to say I am finishing.

What inspires you?
The journey of life inspires me, the originality of people inspire me. The stories of ambitious individuals chasing creative freedom move me. I meet new people daily and to be able to listen to their unique journey is truly uplifting. I also find daily inspiration everywhere because I have quite an active, enthusiastic imagination. My mind can take off in all different directions, I love that feeling.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday morning?
I think the best Saturday mornings are the ones where I have free time to attend a hot yoga class. I think it’s a relaxing way to let go of the constant stresses of the week and celebrate the weekend. After that, I enjoy eating an acai berry bowl and people watching at a juice shop. To me, people watching usually means imagining what jewelry might look good on them, and then, designs start to float around in my mind.

Do you have any advice for living a creative life?
Be fearless and always imagine. Take your mind to the gray areas of life and live in the shadows. I believe once someone finds their source for creative inspiration, that is the place to continually revisit to draw upon creative inspiration. For me, I’ve learned my creative inspiration comes from escaping reality into my idealistic dreamworld. It’s the world I’ve created where everything is light, sparkles, and dances. I let my mind wander there, see what it discovers, come back to reality and handcraft what I imagined.
See more from Kayla and Vibrant Souls at:   Website     |     Facebook     |     Instagram     |      Twitter


Thank you Kayla, for inviting us into your world and sharing your positive light and energy with us! After putting all of these gorgeous images together for this post, I pretty much need all of your jewelry in my closet! We wish you all the best as you graduate and take the next steps on your journey.

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