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5 Simple + Healthy Halloween Treats

During Halloween, there’s always an over abundance of candy and sweet treats to make anyone dizzy! But what if you have food allergies, diabetes or are just more conscious of what you’re putting into your body? With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to share with you five easy, healthy and fun Halloween snacks to celebrate the holiday with! These snacks are all made with real, whole foods that are free from all the toxic nasties and stomach aches that usually follow. So here we go! Are you ready for some yummy and spooky snacks? P.S. – I’ll be sharing lots of healthy treats for the holidays here and on my food blog, Paleo Paparazzi in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to check back!

5 healthy halloween snacks-2

Vampire Fangs

Apple monster mouths Paleo Vegan Halloween-2

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of addicted to vampires. So this snack is a must for me during Halloween! These vampire fangs are super simple to make, all you need are:

– Apples

– Nut/seed/coconut butter

– Slivered almonds/coconut chips/sunflower seeds

Cut apple into fourths and then cut out the center. Spread on your preferred butter and poke slivered almonds/coconut chips or sunflower seeds into the bottom half of the apple. Super easy and super scary!

Pumpkin Mandarins

Healthy Halloween Mandarin Celery Pumpkins Paleo Vegan-2

Who doesn’t like a sweet little pumpkin to snack on? These cuties were easy to whip up and were ready in almost no time at all! All you need are:

– Mandarins

– Celery

– Cacao nibs (optional)

Peel your mandarins. Then cut celery into small bite size pieces to make the pumpkin stems. Insert celery stems into the center of your mandarins. If you want to make a cute jack-o’-lantern you can push cacao nibs into the front of your mandarin pumpkin. So cute, right?


Candy Corn Layered Fruit Cup

Candy Corn Healthy Halloween Paleo Vegan Snack-2

Not the typical candy corn we’re used to seeing, but still sweet and super delicious! All you need to make this is:

– Small clear cups/mason jars

– Fresh sliced pineapple

– Fresh mandarin pieces

– Coconut shreds/Coconut whipping cream

Peel your mandarins and slice up your fresh pineapple. First layer with pineapple, then mandarins, and top with coconut shreds/coconut whipping cream. Sometimes I mix my coconut shreds in a bit of maple syrup to sweeten them. Voila, easy peasy!


Cucumber Crawlers

Healthy halloween cucumber raisin spiders Vegan Paleo-2

Kinda spooky but kinda cuke… I mean cute!

To make these crawlers, all you need are:

– Cucumber

– Raisins

– Carrots

– Nut/seed butter/hummus/cashew cheese

Cut cucumber into thin rounds. Spiralize carrot with a spiralizer and cut into small pieces for legs. Spread your nut/seed butter/hummus/cashew cheese onto one cucumber slice. Assemble 4 carrot legs on each side and top with another cucumber round. Put a dab of your spread of choice onto the back of raisins and place on top for the eyes. Creepy crawly yumminess!


Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern Monster Fruit Bowl

Spooky Halloween Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern-2

OK, this one is kinda scary, but it’s totally fun to eat fruit brains out of a pineapple monster head….right?! Plus, a pineapple Jack-o’-lantern is too perfect for a California Halloween!!

To make this super scary jack-o’-lantern monster, all you need are:

– A pineapple

– Mandarins

– Raspberries

– Slivered almonds/coconut chips/sunflower seeds

Cut pineapple top off with a knife and set aside. Then use a Pineapple slicer and corer to remove the fruit without destroying the integrity of your pineapple (as you will be using this as a bowl to hold your fruit). The pineapple will be in rings. Remove pineapple slicer and cut up into bite size pieces. Cut eyes for your jack-o’-lantern monster with a knife and stuff with mandarins. Cut a mouth flap and use crushed raspberries on flap to look like blood. Push slivered almonds/coconut chips/sunflower seeds into the flap to resemble fangs. Fill the pineapple with fruit and replace top. It can be used as a personal fruit bowl for kids, or take it to a party to wow and frighten all your family & friends!


I hope you have fun trying these simple, spooky, and healthy Halloween treats! For more simple and healthy recipes, head on over to my food blog, Paleo Paparazzi and follow me on Instagram.


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Kati - I love them all! I think I’ll be trying the candy corn fruit cup, it looks so good!

Kendra - Thank you! The candy corn fruit cup is yummy, especially with coconut whipped cream 😉

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