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Creative Feature – Meet Elise Tysick

I’m so excited to tell you about our newest series on the blog – Creative Features. We will be introducing you to some very talented ladies who are following their passions and creating beautiful work in fields like art, design, photography, fashion, and more. Today we are going to meet Elise Tysick, an artist from Southern California.


Elise specializes in large-scale abstract canvas paintings and has a style that can be described as colorful, vibrant, and full of life. After experimenting with a variety of paints and art compositions early in life, Elise found a knack for mixing acrylics with various mediums that ignite a sense of wonder in each art piece. Elise continued her art training and exposure while modeling for Ford-Robert Black and working as a color specialist at Carsten’s Institute of Hair and Beauty. Today, she juggles motherhood with her successful art studio in Carlsbad. We asked her to tell us a little more about how she got started in art, how she comes up with the names for her abstracts, and what inspires her work. She also shares her advice for living a creative life. Read on to learn more about the lovely and talented Elise.

Bipolar Color

How did you get started as an artist?

I’ve always loved to paint, but I didn’t know I could make it a career. I started out as a model and working as a color specialist in a hair salon. It wasn’t until I started to create art for my own home that I realized I could make a living doing this. Friends would come over and want me to do art for their homes. It sort of just caught on from there. Now I do custom work for interior designers as well as personal clients. I also have a website called Glint & Lime where I sell my artwork.


What inspires your work?

Fashion and Interior Design probably inspire my art the most. I’ve always been drawn to different colors and textures. I also love the juxtaposition of mixing old with new. I love flea markets. There’s something to be said about finding an amazing vintage lamp or the perfect shade of pink paint. Swoon!

ELISE-TYSICK-PAINTING-4Your paintings have very catchy titles. How do you decide on a name?

I don’t really take myself too seriously, and I think that is reflected in the titles. Sometimes it’s just a name that pops into my head at the moment. I don’t like names that are too stuffy. I’m more of a free spirit.

Do you have any advice for living a creative life?

Do something creative everyday. I have two little kids so I know how life can get crazy. It’s important to carve out time for yourself each day to do something you’re passionate about – even if it’s just for five minutes. Also, you don’t have to have all the answers before you start. That’s why they invented Google.  😉

Where can we find more of your work?

I have an art studio by the beach in Carlsbad. It’s open to the public on Tuesday – Saturday from 12 – 5 pm. You will find other artist studios there as well. I also recently joined Nuvango, where you can buy prints of my work. You can follow me at:   Personal Website   |   Follow on Instagram   |   Like on Facebook  |   Shop on Nuvango   |   New Village Arts Studio


Thanks to Elise for sharing her perspectives and beautiful artwork with us. Please check out her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see more of her gorgeous paintings and prints.


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Lulu - Wow! The colors are very dramatic and beautiful.

Rebecca - Wow Elise is so talented! 🙂 Thanks for the follow I’ve followed back 🙂 xx


Elicia - Wow, just beautiful work! I’d love to get down to your studio one day!

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