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Creative Feature – Meet Alexandra, The Bright Eyed Baker

Last week I promised an awesome lineup of Creative Features in February, and our next feature doesn’t disappoint. Today is the first time we are featuring a food blogger, Alexandra of Confessions of a Bright Eyed Baker. I first came across Alexandra’s work on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her dreamy feed, full of beautiful photos of everything from cupcakes and cookies to truffles and ganache. Her blog is just as amazing – gorgeous photos with easy to follow recipes – mixed in with the personal anecdotes of a twenty-something California girl. Today Alexandra is sharing the story behind her food blog, how she gets those perfect pictures, and her advice for living a creative life. I hope you enjoy learning more about the story behind this Bright Eyed Baker!

Tell us a little about yourself and your food blog.
I started my blog, Confessions of a Bright Eyed Baker, a couple years back when I was in school, and at the point it was more of an impulsive shot than anything. I had no idea if it would be successful or where it would lead me, and I definitely didn’t think it might become a career! But little by little, I realized I was really passionate about what I was doing – and not so passionate about what I actually went to school for – so this became my full-time focus. Now I’m just a girl in her twenties trying to make my dreams a reality!

Have you always loved baking? How did you get started, and how have you transitioned since then?
Not particularly. Growing up, I mostly remember making the occasional batch of homemade cookies, plus box-mix brownies – but it was really nothing I was especially crazy about. Then at some point – I’m really not sure why – I started baking more often and finding recipes on food blogs, and my interest in it grew. Since then it’s been an amazing experience because it’s really something I taught myself how to do, and I went from following recipes to a T to creating my own recipes all the time. It’s a bit baffling to think back at how much progress I’ve made!

Your Instagram feed is dreamy. Do you take all the photos yourself? What kind of camera do you use?
Yes! I do all the photography. My Instagram feed is a mixture of iPhone photos and dSLR photos – right now I use a Canon Rebel T2i. It’s nothing super fancy, but I’ve learned along the way that you can take amazing pictures with a basic camera and basic pictures with an amazing camera; so much of it comes down to learning the right techniques and developing your own style.

What inspires you?
Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere, in my work and in my daily life, but more than anything, people doing what they love inspires me. There are so many crazy-talented people in this world, and seeing their work just boggles my mind. It makes me think bigger and work harder. Plus, it seems to me like the people who are living their passions are also the most uplifting people, and I find that really moving.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday morning?
I try to take a break from all the blog work during the weekends, so for me, the best Saturday mornings are when I can sit outside, have a breakfast treat, read a good book, and just relax. And drink coffee – there always has to be coffee!

Do you have any advice for living a creative life?
Find inspiration wherever you can. Chase your dreams. Believe in yourself! There’s a lot of what looks like perfection in this world and it’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel inadequate, but the truth is that nobody’s perfect, and when you let others inspire you instead of bringing you down, you open up so many new possibilities for yourself. And really, creativity stems from passion, so if you can follow your passion, your creativity will grow in leaps and bounds.

Where can we find more of your work?
All the big stuff is on my blog www.brighteyedbaker.com, and you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Stellar @brighteyedbaker. My work is regularly featured on Honest Cooking, SkinnyMom, and Pepper Passport as well.


Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Alexandra! I love your energy and passion, and your advice to let others inspire you instead of bring you down. I’ll definitely be following to see where all of this takes you!


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